Spring cleaning and random thoughts

I can finally see out my window; this should not make me feel as accomplished as I do right now. Here’s the thing, it’s been a miserable winter, and to some extent, a dreadful year. Therefore I feel as though I’m reasonable in feeling the way I do. As the ultimate act of pushing the awful winter behind me, I ceremoniously ripped the insulating film off of my windows and cleaned them. I’m talking newspaper-and-vinegar, inside-AND-out cleaning. So far this is the only thing from a rather long list that’s been completed.

Random thoughts:

1. I really don’t appreciate it when I hear ‘The Surface of the Sun’ by John Murphy played over slow-mo clips of people reacting to something I can’t see. Advertising peeps, I don’t need you to tell me that I should go to the cinema when I am already here. This goes double for that stupid visit Scotland ad. I live in Scotland.

2. Innocent smoothies are now 3/4 of their usual size. They are (I’m not actually 100% sure about this) no longer on that magical 2 for £4 offer at Tesco and this HURTS. I’ll either have to cut them out of my life or scrimp on something else. Oh well, c’est la vie.

3. Off to see Source Code tonight, I’ll post my thoughts afterwards.



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